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cabin at Belcroft Tree Farms

Belcroft Tree Farms Wedding Photography Location Scouting

Belcroft Trees Farms Wedding Photography Location Scouting

Something that I always do in preparation for a wedding is location scouting, especially if I’m shooting at a new venue. Not only does this allow me to evaluate the bride and groom’s favourite on-site locations photographically, but it allows me to perhaps find some that they hadn’t thought of themselves. When possible, I time my visit to coincide with the time that we’ll be shooting the main portraits, so that I can evaluate how lighting will look.  I also investigate all the buildings we’ll be using to strategize the best lighting set-ups I’ll need for the various parts of the day.

When I was scouting for Melissa and Justin’s Belcroft Tree Farms wedding photoraphy session, I was delighted by the variety of gorgeous outdoor and architectural settings as well as the owners’ attention to detail in every aspect of the property.

Not only do the photos I take during the scouting session allow me to strategize about the wedding photography ahead of time, these photos will also become part of the couple’s photo collection after the wedding.  Since every standard wedding package comes with a DVD or Blu-ray of edited high resolution images as well as a copyright release, these images serve as excellent detail and location shots should you decide to make your own wedding album or order one through me.

The images below are an assortment of scouting images from my visit to Belcroft Tree Farms as well as a few from the wedding itself.  I hope you enjoy them!


Winter Engagement Photography

Just because it’s cold outside doesn’t mean it’s not a great time to have photos taken.  Some of my favourite wedding and engagement sessions have taken place in the winter.  If the conditions are right, the landscape can look more beautiful and unusual than it does at any other time of the year.  You can also have a lot of fun throwing snowballs at each other, or shaking snow from branches onto your partner’s head, like Jessica and Jesse did in these photos!

All of my high season wedding packages come with your choice of gift:  $100 of free enlargements or a 30 minute engagement session in Collingwood or Wasaga Beach.

Stay tuned for lots of winter wedding and engagement photos to be posted soon in the various portfolio categories on my website.

If you’re looking for a Wasaga Beach wedding photographer, Collingwood photographer, Barrie wedding photographer, Kawartha Lakes photographer, or anywhere in Central Ontario photographer, please contact me. I would love to chat!

shaking snow covered tree engagement photo

Nottawasaga Inn Resort Wedding Photography

I’ve just posted a new gallery of Nottawasaga Resort Inn wedding photography that features a lightpainting image using sparklers.  I’ve only seen sparklers used a few times at weddings, but they add a spark to your wedding photos and guests absolutely LOVE them!  This particular image is a composite as the shot was a time-lapse exposure and not everyone was able to remain perfectly still through the entire exposure.  Digital photography is incredible, because you can combine the best elements from a series of good photographs and make one perfect one!

If you have an upcoming wedding and are looking for an Alliston wedding photographer, or a central Ontario wedding photographer, for that matter, please email me and we can set up a meeting and portfolio viewing or secure your date on the spot.

bouquet with couple nottawasaga resort alliston
bride laughing nottawasaga wedding garden
love lightpainted with sparklers

The Lake House Wedding Photography

The Lake House Wedding Photography

Over the course of the next few months, I’m going to be adding more and more wedding photography galleries (as well as engagement, family portrait, and editorial galleries) as time permits.  For now, here is a sneak peak at a few images from The Lake House Wedding Photography Gallery that I’m currently constructing.

The Lake House is one of the venues hosted by Paul Shannon Caterers and is an exquisite New England style venue located right on the Water in Frenchman’s Bay Pickering. When I shot Nikki and Matt’s wedding, their wedding ceremony was held in the venue’s gorgeous balcony area and our photos took us along the shores of the Bay as well as on the deck of a yacht that a generous bystander invited us to use.  Stay tuned for the full gallery coming very soon!

bride and groom at sunset pickering
the lake house at dusk
wedding bouquet at the lake house
wedding kiss the lake house
Ski Lifts at Horseshoe Valley Resort Partially Obscured by snow making.

Horseshoe Valley Wedding Photography in the Winter

Horseshoe Valley Wedding Photography Location Scouting

One of my main strategies for shooting wedding is to plan ahead.  This involves communicating with clients to make sure their artistic and logistical needs are going to be met on their wedding day in terms of photography.  A key component in making this happen is location scouting.  Even though I’ve shot at Horseshoe Valley on a number of occasions, I always like to visit an event site beforehand if the conditions have changed as they have here in the snowbelt. This winter we have received a tremendous amount of snow and the snowbanks around the resort are higher than I have ever seen them before. I took a trip up to the resort yesterday in preparation for an upcoming wedding and marvelled at the beauty of the landscape but also the logistical challenges that come with finding suitable shooting locations for a wedding party with soft, deep snow everywhere.  This means looking for locations that combine beauty with accessibility.  Luckily, the area did not disappoint and I am very excited at the prospect of shooting some outdoor portraits if weather permits.

While looking around, I snapped the following photo of the snow-making machines in full operation at the main hill.  If only I’d had time to take a few rides down the hill.  Oh, and the 50km/h winds were making the windchill a balmy -24 Celsius.  Maybe it was just as well that this was a work trip only!

Bride and Groom Kissing with Georgian Bay behind

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