Belcroft Tree Farms Wedding Photography Location Scouting

Belcroft Trees Farms Wedding Photography Location Scouting

Something that I always do in preparation for a wedding is location scouting, especially if I'm shooting at a new venue. Not only does this allow me to evaluate the bride and groom's favourite on-site locations photographically, but it allows me to perhaps find some that they hadn't thought of themselves. When possible, I time my visit to coincide with the time that we'll be shooting the main portraits, so that I can evaluate how lighting will look.  I also investigate all the buildings we'll be using to strategize the best lighting set-ups I'll need for the various parts of the day.

When I was scouting for Melissa and Justin's Belcroft Tree Farms wedding photoraphy session, I was delighted by the variety of gorgeous outdoor and architectural settings as well as the owners' attention to detail in every aspect of the property.

Not only do the photos I take during the scouting session allow me to strategize about the wedding photography ahead of time, these photos will also become part of the couple's photo collection after the wedding.  Since every standard wedding package comes with a DVD or Blu-ray of edited high resolution images as well as a copyright release, these images serve as excellent detail and location shots should you decide to make your own wedding album or order one through me.

The images below are an assortment of scouting images from my visit to Belcroft Tree Farms as well as a few from the wedding itself.  I hope you enjoy them!

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