Nottawasaga Inn Resort Wedding Photography

I’ve just posted a new gallery of Nottawasaga Resort Inn wedding photography that features a lightpainting image using sparklers.  I’ve only seen sparklers used a few times at weddings, but they add a spark to your wedding photos and guests absolutely LOVE them!  This particular image is a composite as the shot was a time-lapse exposure and not everyone was able to remain perfectly still through the entire exposure.  Digital photography is incredible, because you can combine the best elements from a series of good photographs and make one perfect one!

If you have an upcoming wedding and are looking for an Alliston wedding photographer, or a central Ontario wedding photographer, for that matter, please email me and we can set up a meeting and portfolio viewing or secure your date on the spot.

bouquet with couple nottawasaga resort alliston
bride laughing nottawasaga wedding garden
love lightpainted with sparklers
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