Barrie Wedding Photography

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Barrie Wedding Photography

Located just outside of Barrie, Ontario, in the mythically named town of Utopia, sits one of the area’s most beautiful and charming outdoor centres, the Tiffin Centre for Conservation.  Boasting kilometres of winding trails, wetlands, a low ropes course, one of the province’s premier maple syrup festival, and more, it is a destination well worth exploring.

When Mike and Becky decided to host their wedding at the Tiffin Centre, I was thrilled as it was planned for March 1, just before the site’s famed maple syrup festival.  Not only did we still have this pat winter’s generous blanket of snow on the ground, but we also had the site’s maple syrup buckets to add even more interest to some of the outdoor locations.

Although the day turned out to be colder than we had hoped, Mike and Becky were an absolute pleasure to work with and we were able to take some amazing outdoor photographs close to the reception hall where, afterwards, I was able to use studio lighting to light family shots in the warmth of the reception’s hall gorgeous interior–complete with vaulted ceilings and roaring fire place.

Shooting Tiffin Centre wedding photography is a genuine pleasure!

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barrie wedding photography 1
barrie wedding photography 2
barrie wedding photography 3
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tiffin centre wedding photography 1
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