Collingwood Family Portraits

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Collingwood Family Portraits

Collingwood, Ontario, is home to a plethora of beautiful outdoor locations for portrait photography. When the wind is howling on Georgian Bay, as it was on the day I shot these portraits, the Arboretum is a peaceful and nearly windless refuge that is so beautiful, it is worth shooting at on any day.

The Arboretum is a public park with rolling hills, scores of rare and beautiful planted trees, tracts of intact forest, and a long, meandering wooden boardwalk that heads into the bustling marshland on the edge of Collingwood Harbour.

If you are looking for Collingwood photographer, I would love to have the opportunity to discuss my very affordable portrait options.  All packages come with a DVD or blu-ray of edited high resolution files and a copyright release.

boy portrait collingwood
brother and sister portrait in tree
couple in a tree at the arboretum
couple in a tree by georgian bay
drinking from a fountain portrait Collingwood
family hands collingwood
family in the tree georgian bay
family in tree collingwood
family portrait arboretum collingwood
girl portrait arboretum
siblings in a tree collingwood