Cones and Camping at New Wasaga Beach

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Cones and Camping at New Wasaga Beach

Leslie and Dylan didn’t want their engagement photographs to look typical.  Together we came up with a plan to get ice cream at A&L’s Royal Scoop in New Wasaga Beach (a mandatory stop on the way to the water), and then shoot some sunset and camping shots by Georgian Bay.

Rocco, the owner of A&L’s Royal Scoop and Villa Nova Cottages was super excited for the couple and even let them behind the counter twice to scoop their own cones (once at sunset and then again after it got dark when the neon signs were lit up).  How cool is that!?

Down by the beach, we shot some more traditional engagement photos and then broke out the camping gear for some lantern and studio-lighting camping images at twilight.  As summer draws to a close, this session will be an excellent reminder to me of the amazing summer that was 2015.

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