Nottawasaga Wedding Photography

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Nottawasaga Wedding Photography

Officially known as the Nottawasaga Inn Resort, this exquisite resort and conference centre in Alliston, Ontario is known to most locals as the Nottawasaga.

When Karrie and Tom decided to host their wedding here, I was absolutely delighted.  Shooting Nottawasaga Resort wedding photography is a pure delight, as the property has its own wedding garden which has everything you could wish for in terms of gorgeous backdrops in a small geographical footprint.  On the wedding day, we were blessed with clear skies and warm weather, which meant we could make full use of the garden’s aquamarine lake, waterwheel and exquisitely designed flower gardens as backdrops for the outdoor photos.  That night, Karrie and Tom had brought sparklers I took a time-lapse exposure with the wedding party on one of the fire-escapes using their sparklers to write the word “LOVE”.  I’ve seen sparklers at a number of weddings I’ve photographed, and they always add… at the risk of a bad pun, a spark to an already amazing day!

If you’re looking for an Alliston wedding photographer, I would love to discuss my packages with you.  I love to customize packages for all budgets.

bouquet alliston wedding
bouquet with couple nottawasaga resort alliston
bridal party nottawasaga resort
bridal party shoes
bride and dad walking nottawasaga ceremony
bride and groom by lake nottawasaga
bride and groom by waterwheel nottawasaga
bride and groom hand in hand nottawasaga
bride and groom pose in alliston
bride and groom smiling nottawasaga wedding garden
bride by the lake alliston
bride in alliston
bride laughing nottawasaga wedding garden
bride walking down aisle nottawasaga
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