Hunting Photos: Deep Snow Dusk and Twilight Session with Compound Bow and Snow Camouflage

Hunting Photos:  Deep Snow Dusk and Twilight Session with Compound Bow and Snow Camouflage

This is a sortable collection of stock winter hunting photography from March, 2016 in a Simcoe County Forest Plot north of Barrie, Ontario, Canada.  All stock hunting photos below were shot at 24MP in RAW format and are available in edited jpeg or RAW format.

The compound bow in these images is the PSE Stinger set to 60 pounds draw weight.  Subject matter includes preparation beside vehicle at dusk, loading, aiming, still hunting, silhouettes, hunting beside a river, close-ups, and dramatic dusk shots with studio lighting, captured just before sunset until twilight with gently falling snow.

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If you would like to license/purchase an image or if you have any questions whatsoever, please contact me.  Simply note the file names that interest you.  Pricing is subject to use and size required.

If you like what you see here, but need custom work shot, please contact me.  I am available for all of your photography needs including advertising, editorial, studio, portrait, adventure, and landscape assignments.  I’m located in Tiny, Ontario, but do travel. or 705-741-9566 (cell).

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