Orillia Wedding Photographer: Electrifying Hawk Ridge Golf and Country Club Wedding Photography Session

Orillia Wedding Photographer

Storm Chasers: Jodi and Geof's Electrifying Hawk Ridge Golf and Country Club Wedding Photography Session

Hawk Ridge Wedding Photography

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They say that rain on your wedding day is good luck.  For Jodi and Geof , there was a severe thunderstorm in the forecast and it arrived right on cue with torrential rain and gale force winds.  Over and over again.

With Jodi’s amazing Aunt Greta photographing the girls getting ready, my day began on the shores of the Severn River at Geof’s family cottage where Geof and his groomsmen were getting ready.  In a setting reminiscent of Stand by Me, and by this I mean a cottage infused with the objects that evoke the best memories of summertime, family, and coming of age, and of course the tempting silhouette of a nearby train bridge, Geof and his groomsmen easily mastered the complexities of bowties and walking on railway tracks while holding Muskoka Detours.  This part of the day began with sunshine and ended with.. can you guess?

From here we moved to the highest point in Orillia, the beautiful and towering Guardian Angels Church.  Truthfully I’m not sure if it’s the highest point in Orillia, but it certainly sounds better like that.  Before and during the ceremony, rain like I’ve never seen before soaked the gardens and hilltop streets.  Inside the church Jodi and Geof were married in a beautiful ceremony that marked the beginning of this next chapter in their lives.

Our next stop was Hawk Ridge Golf and Country Club.  It actually wasn’t raining when we arrived.  For 5 minutes we took photographs, while an immense black storm front inched its way closer towards us from the valley.  Suddenly, the edge of the gale hit and all umbrellas on hand were quickly inverted.  What followed next were some of my favourite images from the summer and a mad dash back to the club house…

Thanks Jodi and Geof, it was an absolute pleasure being part of your wedding day.  You are an amazing couple with such incredible family and friends!

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