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Maximizing Your Photography Session

FAQs and Tips from a Pro

Just like you, every photoshoot is unique. Some are straightforward, some are highly complex. Whichever type you're planning, I hope you find this compilation of tips, tricks, and FAQ helpful

What should I wear?

This is the most frequent question I get from clients for portrait sessions.  While there is no single answer that applies to every situation, I feel that wearing something you feel fabulous in, is generally the best advice to follow. If you feel great, it follows that you are going to look great.

Beyond that, I typically recommend avoiding large logos or images (think heavy-metal merch) on clothing.  Neon colours can also be distracting unless they serve a specific purpose in the session (ie. high visibility clothing for an editorial/commercial shoot, or if you’re trying to recreate an 80’s vibe).

Family portrait sessions often work well with an array of earth tones.  Alternatively, many families opt for jeans or khakis with similarly styled tops where the colour can be the same or varied.

What is the Best Time of Day for Photos?

With advanced lighting techniques, and a carefully chosen location, any time of day allows for excellent photos. That said, sunrise, early morning, late afternoon, evening, and sunset are even better. If I had to pick a favourite to recommend it would be sunset. Without doubt, it's one of the best times to create bold, dramatic, and emotive images. During this time, the rich palette of colours that we observe, immerses our world in a kind of magic. While visiting Costa Rica, I remember even the stray dogs would gather on the beach at this time to check it out. Knowing what time the sunset is going to occur is incredibly valuable information that can be calculated precisely. The actual sunset is surrounded by two highly bewitching displays of colour: the golden hour and twilight. I love recommending locations and times to make sure your photoshoot is the very best it can be.

What if I always look awkward in photos or hate having my photo taken?

Not to worry, I actually hear this frequently from clients, so you’re not alone.  One of my specialities is taking your mind off the fact that you’re having your photo taken.  My goal is to make your photography session fun, full of laughter, and movement, and to bring out your true personality.  Of course, I love taking classic portraits too, but don’t worry, I have a pretty funny pirate sound that I can make!

What are some Top Tips You have for a Wedding?

1) My number one tip for weddings is this: "It's your day and you make the rules"! The days of strict conformity to an exact template for your special day are long gone. Of course, there's nothing wrong with following traditions that are important to you, but it's also okay to let your imagination and creativity soar! This day belongs to the two of you!
2) I think the number one time saver at weddings is coming up with a Family Shot List. Every family is different and giving this part of your day some thought ahead of time allows all of these invaluable images to be captured and organized into the most efficient order possible. Having photos of grandparents and/or young children at the beginning of this list is paramount. Doing so keeps these guests happy, comfortable, and, in the case of children, nearby. Assigning a family member or someone in the wedding party to round these people up, really helps too! Pro tip: there's always one uncle that disappears during family portraits that is really hard to find unless he knows ahead of time that his photo is coming up 🙂
3) For outdoor weddings, have a rain plan. Of course, I always put in an order for good weather for every wedding I shoot, but just in case, it's a good idea to have a covered location for photos or umbrellas on hand if the rain isn't too heavy. I can shoot outside in light rain and have many times! I also carry battery-powered studio lighting with me to every shoot, so if we do need to shoot indoors, I can produce amazing lighting for you!

Do you carry backup equipment with you?

Definitely, I wouldn’t show up without it!  I carry multiple cameras, lenses, memory cards, batteries, and lighting gear.  If anything fails, I have loads of additional gear to fall back on if necessary. 

Can my pet come to the photoshoot?

Of course, pets are part of your family and are more than welcome if the location we're shooting at allows it! I've worked with horses, dogs, cats, guinea pigs, rabbits, cows, and a bearded dragon who was an incredible swimmer.

Can you recommend a location for our photoshoot?

I would be happy to help.  I have shot at hundreds of locations and am happy to share my knowledge of these places with you to find the best place for your session.  If I’m shooting at a new location, I will arrive ahead of time to scout the location prior to our session.

A gallery of amazing locations is under construction and coming soon…  Stay tuned!

What's your Photography Style?

I work closely with all of my clients to determine the best style to shoot for their project or event. I'm equally comfortable shooting natural light, off camera flash, or studio lights. I'm also equally comfortable shooting candids, documentary, action, classic portraiture or studio photography. Typically, my clients are looking for bold, colourful images, full of feeling, but I can create most styles that are out there. Rather than limiting myself to one way of shooting, I feel strongly that a versatile and adaptive approach allows each image to reach its highest potential.

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