Horseshoe Valley Wedding Photography in the Winter

Ski Lifts at Horseshoe Valley Resort Partially Obscured by snow making.

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Horseshoe Valley Wedding Photography Location Scouting

One of my main strategies for shooting wedding is to plan ahead.  This involves communicating with clients to make sure their artistic and logistical needs are going to be met on their wedding day in terms of photography.  A key component in making this happen is location scouting.  Even though I’ve shot at Horseshoe Valley on a number of occasions, I always like to visit an event site beforehand if the conditions have changed as they have here in the snowbelt. This winter we have received a tremendous amount of snow and the snowbanks around the resort are higher than I have ever seen them before. I took a trip up to the resort yesterday in preparation for an upcoming wedding and marvelled at the beauty of the landscape but also the logistical challenges that come with finding suitable shooting locations for a wedding party with soft, deep snow everywhere.  This means looking for locations that combine beauty with accessibility.  Luckily, the area did not disappoint and I am very excited at the prospect of shooting some outdoor portraits if weather permits.

While looking around, I snapped the following photo of the snow-making machines in full operation at the main hill.  If only I’d had time to take a few rides down the hill.  Oh, and the 50km/h winds were making the windchill a balmy -24 Celsius.  Maybe it was just as well that this was a work trip only!


Bride and Groom Kissing with Georgian Bay behind
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